About Server Factory

Fast, Reliable Service for Supermicro Servers, Storage and Edge Computing.

Server Factory is based in Chesham, North West London and was founded in 2010 by Max Machula and Michael Bloom, we have steadily grown to become a thriving, multimillion pound business.

Max Machula is a networking and server expert with 15 years experience running hosting companies. It is here that his idea for Server Factory was born, as Max found he was often left waiting for Supermicro components. Max understood that there was a gap in the market which could be filled, and so he turned to Michael Bloom, a hi tech entrepreneur. Soon after, they launched Server Factory, promising speedy delivery, high level support and best prices for all Supermicro Servers and components.

"Every IT procurement manager wants to feel peace of mind, knowing that when a hardware issue arises, he has reliable people to turn to, who will offer the best price and service combination to fix the problem. " Max Machula, Founder, Server Factory Ltd.

"Our customers are mostly internet providers, hosting companies, financial services companies, image processing companies and academic institutions."
Michael Bloom, Director, Server Factory Ltd.

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Looking to the future

At Server Factory we are always looking to the future, keeping up to date with the latest technologies so we can best advice our customers.

Internet of Things

The internet of things has radical implications for business in terms of monitoring equipment and stock. Complex systems will be needed to manage the accumulated data. We are currently learning about the various implications of IoT, so we'll be in a good position to advice our clients.

Edge Computing

We offer systems which integrate private servers suitable for storing critical information and cloud based systems for non-critical data. Please get in touch for more information.

Meet The Team

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Max Machula


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Michael Bloom


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Tom Dowdle

Chief Executive Officer

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Daniel Ridgley

Chief Technology Officer

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Harry Palmer

Sales Director

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Alex Britton

Quality Assurance Manager

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Bruce Gunnersen

Account Manager

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Sebastian Scamadella

Client Relationship Director

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Craig Tyrrell

Marketing Specialist