Some information has leaked reguarding Intel's release of the Xeon E5-2600v4 Broadwell-EP Processors. Broadwell-EP will bring 14nm process technology to deliver more cores and lower power consumption. 

For Intel, the Intel Xeon E5-2600 family is a huge revenue driver and is basically the de-facto server platform for storage, virtualization and other applications. Other improvements such as TSX should be enabled with the new Intel Xeon E5-2600 V4 generation.

While E5-2600v3 moved to a new socket (2011-v3), V4 will contine to use this same socket. You will probably will just be required to do a BIOs update to make the the upgrade to V4.


Continuing the strategy seen in Ivy Bridge-EP and Haswell-EP, Intel will not exactly speed up the cores, but simply pile up more of them on each die. Expect to see up to 18-core Broadwell-EP chips, with multiple die variants: one of them is expected to be eight-to-10 core high performance desktop and fast-core workstation one for situations where less cores but with speeds above 4 GHz (before Turbo, of course) are desirable. 


Here is a sneak peak of what the E5-V4 phyical form factory will look like. As you would expect it is very similar to the Haswell-EP V3 processors, the only difference is that the V4 chip offers a slight more wider heat spreader which sits onto top of the processor. These processors should only be a few months off. While die shrinks tend to bring about more cores, we look to Skylake-EP for exciting new capabilities such as a rumored hex-channel memory controller.

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