WD4000FYYZThe Western Digital RE 4TB, one of our most popular 4TB enterprise class HDD's

With 4TB capacity, these drives are ideal for bulk storage duties, such as JBODs, compute servers, video surveillance and other demanding write-intensive applications. With Western Digital's stated field-tested 1.2 million hour MTBF, the drive is expected to deliver the highest level of reliability for 24x7 operations. To build upon the reliability, Western Digital puts the drives through extended burn in testing with thermal cycling to ensure reliable operation. This reliability is what allows Enterprise have confidence and security that their operations won't be effected by data failures or drive failures that could cripple an operation. 

Western Digital offers three Enterprise class drives to their consumers, RE - SATA 6Gbps & 3Gbps, RE - SAS 6Gbps and Xe - SAS 6Gbps. Both the RE classes are a 3.5" form-factor and range from 250GB to 4TB capacities. The Xe class, which is an Ultra-fast SAS drive, comes in 300GB to 900GB capacities. The Western Digital RE 4TB stands at top of Enterprise class capacities for Western Digital.



  • Capacity: 4TB
  • Interfaces: SATA 6Gbps
  • Sustained Sequential Transfer Speed: 171MB/s
  • User Sectors Per Drive: 7,814,037,168
  • Physical Dimensions: Height 1.028 Inches, Depth 5.787 Inches, Width 4.00 Inches
  • Operating Shock (Read): 30G, 2 ms
  • Non-operating Shock: 300G, 2 ms
  • (Acoustics) Idle Mode: 31 dBA (average)
  • (Acoustics) Seek Mode 0: 34 dBA (average)
  • Temperature
  • Operating 41° F to 131° F (5C to 55o C)
  • Non-operating -40° F to 158° F (-41o C to 70C)
  • Power Dissipation
  • Read/Write 9.70/9.50 Watts
  • Idle 8.60 Watts


The WD Re brings a number of features to the table that makes it an attractive solution. The wide range of connectivity options make it deployable into numerous scenarios, and the option of an SED (Self Encrypting Drive) option also provides a means of enhanced data security. This can be beneficial over the course of the drives' life, and during retirement or repurposing of the drive. Features such as crypto erase and the ATA sanitize command can effect speedy data destruction that can save time and money by eliminating the need for physical destruction of the drive.

The Western Digital RE SATA 4TB provides fast, and reliable performance with the largest available capacity and will give you a density boost for bulk storage applications.

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