Another Supermicro  Barebones Servers Order urgent requested by one of our customers. 16 barebones servers which need integrating with processors, memory, hard drives and a DVD-ROM Drive. 

We are using one of our Dual E5 rackmount servers. This is one of our best selling rackmounts, which can found on our website here:


We are using Supermicro 1U SuperServer 6017R-TDF barebones, this includes the chassis, power supply, motherboard and heatsinks.

Here in the picture we have already installed the Intel Xeon E5-2620 v2 processors with heatsinks. Aswell as the 4 x 16GB memory modules (64GB in total).

With its 8 x 240pin DIMM slots, this system supports upto 256GB of ECC Regiserted memory and has room for 1 full length expansion card. 




Here is a completed system configuartion that the customer requested. The DVD-ROM has been installed along with the 4 x Western Digital 4TB Black hard drives in the 4 hotswapable drive bays at the front. 

The next step is to boot the system and test to make sure that each component is working correctly. We then ran each system for a number of hours to guarantee working order of product.


The 16 systems have been completed and re-boxed ready for shipping to Telehouse West, London.