As you may know, Supermicro offer plenty of options when it comes to 2U barebones servers, the 2027R-72RFTP+ 2U SuperServer is a very popular option with our customers. Here is a little a review of what the 2027R-72RFTP+ can offer you. 

For starters the 2027R is a 2 Unit Barebones rackmount server, so it includes the motherboard, heatsinks, cabling and mounting rails as standard. It supports Dual Intel E5 version 2 processors (you can run the system with 1 processors if you like), 24 x DDR3 DIMM slots for upto 1.5TB of memory! One other important thing to note about this server is it is a 2.5" 2U system, so it supports only 2.5" HDD's. It does not support 3.5" HDD's. However this means Supermicro are able to pack in 16 x 2.5" hotswap HDD bays, supporting both SATA and SAS hard drives.

Here we have the X9DRW-7TPF+ motherboard used in the 2027R. The board supports dual intel xeon E5 processors, the processors being used for this particular customer build are the E5-2667v2 (8 Cores and 16 threads!!!. 32 Threads in total!). the two other unique features of this board is the in-built LSI 2208 RAID controller but more importantly the on-board 10GbE LAN ports. So built right into the board, so no need to add extra expansion cards. The LSI RAID supports upto 8 drives via the 2 x MiniSAS ports. Other features of the board that you can see in the picture, are the 24 x DIMM slots and 5 x PCI-E expansion slots.
As you can see, the client here went for 3 x epansion cards in this system. 1 x Intel Quad NIC Ethernet card, 1 x Intel Dual port 10GbE card and 1 x LSI Host Bus Adapter. Still leaving the customer with 2 x expansion slots on the right hand side, the 2020R-72RFTP+ 
giving you plently of options in this sense. With the expansion cards, this means this system has a total of 6 x GbE ports, 4 x 10GbE ports and 1 x Dedicated IPMI LAN port.
The system for our client has been completed,. the air shroud has been put back in place and now the server will undergo some stress tests to make sure everything is operating correctly. The drives have also been installed in the hot swap bays, in this case the customer went with just 3 Intel 120GB SSD's, leaving 13 empty hotswap bays for expansion later. 
The system pasted all our stress tests and benchmarks, so will now be re-packed/boxed and shipped off to our customer.
The Supermicro 2027R-72RFTP+ is a cracking 2U server option. It offers plently of expandability when it comes to HDD's, PCI-E expension and memory. Offers 10GbE and LSI RAID all built in into the mainboard plus offers all this for a competative price.

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