Recently Samsung Introduced new high performance SATA SSDs aimed at small to medium businesses, the SM863 and the PM863. First showcased as CES earlier this year, Samsung states that the new SSDs will deliver higher reliability, faster speeds, and much higher capacities, upto 3.8TB. This will give data centers better performance at a higher density while bringing down the overall footprint.

Samsung SM863 AND PM863

The Samsung PM863 is a 3-bit per cell (TLC) drive that can handle up to 3.8TB of storage in a single 2.5″ SSD. This is an example of the smaller SSD form factor getting competitive with rotating media in terms of storage density. Being a TLC drive, we would expect fairly competitive pricing. We have seen rough MSRP of £1409 ($2199) on the 3.8TB drive.

The Samsung SM863 is a higher-end offering using 2-bit per cell technology. The capacity is only 1.9TB for each drive which is about half of the PM863. We would expect the combination of MLC plus 3D V-NAND to yield significant improvements in terms of latency and endurance over the PM863. Since Samsung recently announced the 2TB 850 Pro, we would expect these drives to have a similar amount of NAND with more overprovisioning which is standard on datacenter SSDs. The MSRP of the SM863 1.92TB drive is £800 ($1249) with the PM863 of the same capacity selling for £704 ($1099.) 

Samsung PM863 Specifications
Capacity 120GB 240GB 480GB 960GB 1.92TB 3.84TB
Controller Samsung "Mercury"
NAND Samsung 32-layer 128Gbit TLC V-NAND
Sequential Read 380MB/s 520MB/s 525MB/s 520MB/s 510MB/s 540MB/s
Sequential Write 125MB/s 245MB/s 460MB/s 475MB/s 475MB/s 480MB/s
4KB Random Read 86K IOPS 99K IOPS 99K IOPS 99K IOPS 99K IOPS 99K IOPS
4KB Random Write 5K IOPS 10K IOPS 17K IOPS 18K IOPS 18K IOPS 18K IOPS
Read Power 2.4W 2.7W 2.9W 2.9W 3.0W 3.0W
Write Power 2.1W 2.7W 3.8W 3.8W 4.0W 4.1W
Endurance 170TB 350TB 700TB 1,400TB 2,800TB 5,600TB
MSRP $125 $160 $290 $550 $1100 $2200
Warranty Three years

Samsung SM863 Specifications
Capacity 120GB 240GB 480GB 960GB 1.92TB
Controller Samsung "Mercury"
NAND Samsung 32-layer MLC V-NAND
Sequential Read 500MB/s 520MB/s 520MB/s 520MB/s 520MB/s
Sequential Write 460MB/s 485MB/s 485MB/s 485MB/s 485MB/s
4KB Random Read 97K IOPS 97K IOPS 97K IOPS 97K IOPS 97K IOPS
4KB Random Write 12K IOPS 20K IOPS 26K IOPS 28K IOPS 29K IOPS
Read Power 2.2W 2.2W 2.2W 2.2W 2.4W
Write Power 2.5W 2.7W 2.8W 2.9W 3.1W
Endurance 770TB 1,540TB 3,080TB 6,160TB 12,320TB
MSRP $140 $180 $330 $870 $1260
Warranty Five years


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