For professional gamers, Supermicro’s next-generation SuperO™ C9X299-PG300 motherboard supports up to 300W TDP running the latest Intel® Core™ X-series processors to deliver the ultimate in extreme gaming performance. This platform is designed for PC enthusiasts who enjoy tweaking the hardware to its limits with best-in-class features, performance and reliability for the most demanding gamers. 

Fueled by the latest 8th generation Intel® Core™ processor innovations, Supermicro is also highlighting its first mini-ITX SuperO C7Z370-CG-iW motherboard with customizable RGB LEDs and the standard ATX form factor SuperO C7Z370-CG-L.  These motherboards are designed for mainstream gamers or anyone who seeks a solid well-rounded board that focuses purely on providing the essential features at an affordable price. Both have been tried and tested for maximum reliability.

In addition, Supermicro’s new X11SRA is a high-performance workstation motherboard that supports the new Intel® Xeon W processors. Designed for 2D and 3D content creation, this new single-processor workstation platform features eight DIMM slots, three PCI-E 3.0 x16 expansion slots, and support for a variety of M.2 drives.

SYS-5039AD-i – Featuring Intel® Core™ X-Series processors up to 18 cores, multi-GPU support, ultra-fast storage with NVMe RAID, 5G LAN, and optional water cooling support, SYS-5039AD-I delivers the performance and capabilities that multi-task gamers and content creators desire. Visit SYS-5039AD-I for more details.


SYS-5039A-i – A high-performance single-socket workstation that supports Intel Xeon W-series processors, SYS-5039A-I is designed for professional virtual and augmented reality content creation, software development, engineering, or data science. More details are available at:  SYS-5039A-I