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On April 2nd 2019 in San Jose California, Supermicro announced that their entire portfolio of X11 servers and storage systems will feature fully optimized support for the new 2nd generation Intel Xeon Scalable Processors.

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This is accompanied by support for more of Intel’s new technologies such as Intel Optane DC persistent memory and Intel’s Deep Learning Boost.  These features will mean increased memory capacity and affordability as well as more efficient AI acceleration.Overall, these new optimized servers will help customers achieve up to 35% faster data center performance and up to 50% reduction in TCO all while reducing the impact on the environment.  


The very quick adoption of this new cutting-edge technology clearly shows Supermicro’s commitment to providing their customers with the latest technologies as soon as they are released so that they can enjoy higher server performance with improved TCO to drive industry leading performance.

To achieve these INSANE improvements , Supermicro is taking full advantage of the new 2nd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors’ new features such as 10% faster DIMMS, 50% more memory capacity and high CPU clock speeds of up to 3.8Ghz. Furthermore, Supermicro’s all-flash NVMe 1U storage servers already have support for next-generation flash technologies which includes NF1 and EDSFF form-factor SSDs, providing the highest storage bandwidth in the industry as well as ease of maintenance.  

Supermicro’s President and CEO, Charles Liang, said here that they already have “over a dozen high-profile customers reporting exciting performance gains using these new 2nd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors on a variety of applications.”

Supermicro currently has a portfolio of over 100 workload optimized systems that support the new family of processors.  These include Supermicro’s industry leading resource saving systems, which uses unique resource-saving architecture to greatly reduce refresh cycle costs for data centers by disaggregating CPU, memory and other subsystems.  

On average, over a 3 to 5 year refresh cycle, Supermicro resource-saving servers provide more efficient and higher performance at lower costs than traditional servers because the technology allows data centers to optimize the adoption of new technology.  


Supermicro’s broad selection of AI systems also benefit from the new features brought by Intel’s 2nd Gen Scalable processors. These servers are optimized for AI, Deep Learning and HPC workloads but will see even better performance and efficiency in these areas thanks to new built-in features on the 2nd Gen Scalable chips such as AI accelerators and Intel DL Boost.

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 Supermicro supplies the widest range of these AI optimized systems, ranging from 1U to 10U form factors with support for 1 to 20 GPUs and highly specialised systems for specific AI workloads such as Deep Learning Training.

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