Supermicro NVMe

As we have been detailing about some new NVMe SSD's its probably only right that we give you some details of some systems you can actually use them with.  As ever, Supermicro has you covered here offering plently of different brand new Hot Swap NVMe supported server solutions. I would like to point out that NVMe PCIe Form factor cards can be installed in to any system with available PCIe expension slots. These systems are designed so you can use the 2.5" NVMe form factor drives. This feature allows easy addition of storage capacity through the addition of SSDs,the replacement of existing SSDs with higher capacity units, or replacement offailed drives. Additionally, the hot-plug feature protects against surprise removals,random device failures, or operator errors. These can create big problems in datacenters that require significant personnel time and expense to address. Software hardening from Supermicro on its NVMe server product line provides an excellentprotection against these all too-common data center issues.

Also note, for now both NVMe form factors currently do not support RAID, although we do expect this to change in the near future.

NVMe Benefits

The primary benefits of NVMe with PCIe-based SSDs are reduced latency, increasedInput/Output operations per second (IOPS) and lower power consumption, incomparison to SAS-based or SATA-based SSDs, through the streamlining of the I/Ostack. Today’s IT managers, who face insatiable performance demands from driverssuch as Cloud and Big Data, increasingly look to solutions such as NVMe with theraw speed at reasonable cost to meet these challenges.

  • 1GB/s per lane (PCIe Gen 3 x1)
  • 8GB/s per device (PCIe Gen 3 x8) or more
  • Platform+Adapter: 10 usec down to 3 usec
  • No external SAS AOC saves 7-10W


A Breakdown of the Supermico SKU's that are available now:


Supermicro offers a wide selection of SuperServers with NVMe capability toprovide you with solutions that meet the demands of the most data intensive applications such as VDI, Very Large Database (VLDB) and Hyperscale Computing applications. From its 1U and 2U Ultra, 2U Data Center Optimized (DCO), and 2U EXDP 32 DIMM, Supermicro offers many NVMe enabled models that deliver significant IOPS and latency improvements over servers with standard SATA 6Gb/s SSDs. Many more NVMe-capable SKUs are coming soon! Supermicro SuperServer NVMe enabled systems offer excellent Performance and Latency, provide unmatched hot-plug capability, and are available immediately in a variety of attractive models.

Want to buy a new Supermicro certified NVMe server?, get contact with us via our contact page.