HGST continues its commitment to provide industry-leading, high-performance storagesolutions for the enterprise market and better meet its customers’ needs with its a newNVMe (Non-Volatile Memory Express, or NVM Express) PCIe SSD family of products—theUltrastar SN100 Series. The Ultrastar SN100 PCIe product family will drive the next waveof server Flash adoption with simplified system integration paired with HGST’s renownedquality and reliability.

                      HGST NVMe

HGST's Ultrastar SN100 series will be offered as a HH-HL add-in card, aswell as the very serviceable 2.5-inch drive option with industry leading capacities upto 3.2TB!


  • Supports standard NVMe drivers
  • Up to 3.2TB capacity in both HH-HL add-in card and 2.5-inch drive form factors
  • HGST's NVMe-compatiable extensions unlock up to 2X performance and 2X endurance improvements


  • Ultrastar SN150 - HH-HL Add-in Card: 3200GB and 1600GB
  • Ultrastar SN100 - 2.5-inch form factor: 3200GB, 1600GB and 800GB

Target use cases:

  • Cloud, hyperscale, enterprise and high performance computing
  • Suitable for the most demanding scale-out database workloads
  • Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) and Online Analytical Processing (OLAP)
  • High Frequency Trading (HFT)
  • Virtualized computing
  • Space and/or power constrained environments

































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