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As edge computing is starting to be used in a variety of different industries, “micro data centers” could soon become the industry standard, replacing traditional large-scale data centers with an emphasis on efficiency.  

With the advent of Internet of Things (IoT) devices and 5G, it is becoming more beneficial to decentralize server workloads related to these technologies.  

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This basically means data is processed at the edge of your network instead of in a centralised data center which can be hundreds of miles away. The benefits of this practice include much improved latency, allowing devices to communicate with each other almost instantaneously. If you want to learn more about edge computing and what it means for the future of networking, read our blog on Edge Computing here.    

To accommodate this shift, companies such as Schneider Electric have been putting out designs for these micro data centers which look like cabinets which could be installed indoors on a business’s premises and provide up to 42U of rackspace for traditional rack-mount servers.  There are also mini racks available featuring integrated systems, which means that we could potentially soon be seeing data centers sitting in the middle of stores and banks. Schneider Electric are an analytics and hardware company at their core that focuses on optimizing power consumption, however their EcoStruxurestyle platform of data center gear is gaining traction.

Many industries could benefit from these miniature data centers but one of the industries that stands to gain the most is retail because the industry benefits from low latency compute used for personalised marketing, network resilience. Micro data centers would also not look out of place in commercial settings, as a recent demo in Andover showed a discreet micro datacenter with Schneider CX casing, shock-mountings, a wood fascia and sound insulation. This makes them suitable for even carpeted office environments as they can blend in well with office furniture, so visitors could be completely unaware they are standing next to a micro data center.

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