Intel SSD Roadmap

The future of storage is readily progressing and more and more Clients are switching to SSD storage. Up to this point we have been dealing with an I/O controller to bridge the connection between the storage device and CPU. To this point this has been the norm for all storage soltuions. However with the introduction of PCI-Express and NVMe SSD'swe can now by pass the I/O controller and have direct connection to the CPU, drastically reducing latency. This really is the future of storage! 


Here is the detailed Intel SSD roadmap for 2015. This states Intel's current map for their entire SSD range and also up coming releases like the DC S3510 Series and DC P3500 Series.They also expecting 16mm MLC flash to start surfacing by Q4 2015. 



Full break down of Intel's SSD Range - From Consumer to Data Center

Intel SSD Data Center Family - NVMe/PCI-E
















Intel SSD Data Center Family - SATA

















Intel SSD Consumer Family















Why NVMe?

Two of the SSD's i would like to highlight are the DC P3700 series and 750 Series. These two are the top of the line NVMe SSD's from there respective catergories (Datacenter and Consumer). The question is why go NVMe? Well NVM Express is architected from the ground up for Non-Volatile Memory (NVM). NVM Express significantly improves both random and sequential performance by reducing latency, enabling high levels of parallelism, and streamlining the command set while providing support for security, end-to-end data protection, and other Client and Enterprise features users need. NVM Express provides a standards-based approach enabling broad ecosystem adoption and PCIe SSD interoperability.

Pleasee see diagrams below for specific details of P3700 and 750 Series SSD's




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