Intel's Solid State Drive Data Centre Family for 

Intel SSD Series

3 products ranging from P3700 to P3500, the lowest of which has the lowest grade ('Std') flash, and is therefore rated at a lower write speed and endurance. Along with the drop in flash grades comes a very welcome drop in cost, with the low end down to ~$1.50/GB. Not too shabby for a product that can handle 2.5GB/sec and 450k random read IOPS!

Diagram below giving a little outline of NMVe technology.


The DC P3700 gives us our first look at NVMe PCIe SSD's and the results are encouraging. A single P3700 can deliver up to 450K random read IOPS, 150K random write IOPS and nearly 2GB/s of sequential writes. Sequential reads are even more impressive at between 2 - 3GB/s. All of this performance comes with very low latency operation thanks to an updated controller and the new NVMe stack. CPU efficiency is quite good thanks to NVMe as well.  

Once again we see Intel at the forefront of a new wave of SSDs. What I really want to see now however is continued execution. We don't see infrequent blips of CPU architecture releases from Intel, we get a regular, 2-year tick-tock cadence. It's time for Intel's NSG to be given the resources necessary to do the same. I long for the day when we don't just see these SSD releases limited to the enterprise and corporate client segments, but spread across all markets - from mobile to consumer PC client and of course up to the enterprise as well. 

If these Intel HVMe drives are of interest to you and you would like to buy with a Server, just get in contact with us and we quoteyou for a system/s with these PCIe SSD's.