Setting New Standards in Capacity and TCO

HGST_8TBHGST announces the world’s first enterprise-class 10TB HDD for cool-to-cold storage applications. This 10TB drive sets unprecedented capacity leadership at the lowest $/TB and watts/TB by harnessing two complementary technologies: HelioSeal technology and hostmanaged Shingled Magnetic Recording (SMR). As the first and only company to ship a hermetically sealed, helium-filled HDD, the HelioSeal platform provides the longterm path for delivering the highest capacities, while significantly lowering power and cooling requirements, and improving storage density. To better serve the evolving data center’s capacity and efficiency needs, all future HGST enterprise capacity HDDs will be built on the HelioSeal platform. HGST’s air-based platform has been delivering on the promise of high-capacity, highreliability and performance for decades. However, as the industry continues to push device capacities higher and higher, a transition to helium sealed HDD technology will become essential to achieving these increases while also maintaining reliability.



• Industry’s leading 8TB and 10TB capacity in a standard 3.5-inch form factor

• Industry’s best Idle and Active power efficiency (Watts/TB)

 • Reliable, field-proven, 2nd generation HelioSeal process and 7Stac design

• HelioSeal technology and host-managed Shingled Magnetic Recording (SMR)

• Compared to 6TB air drives » 33% more capacity » 23% lower idle power » 44% more power efficient (Watts/TB)

• SATA 6Gb/s and SAS 12Gb/s » 12Gb/s SAS provides compatibility with next gen data centers

• 2.5M hours MTBF2 rating & 5-year limited warranty

• Secure erase & Self-Encrypting Drive (SED) op


HelioSeal™ Delivers Twice the Capacity Using One-Quarter Less Power

One-third more capacity and 23% lower energy consumption. Available today. That’s the power of helium. Delivering the industry’s leading capacity at 8TB, Ultrastar He8 is based on the widely accepted and proven HelioSeal platform. HelioSeal technology replaces air with helium inside the drive, reducing air turbulence and enabling 7Stac™, a seven-disk design in a traditional 3.5-inch form factor. Ultrastar He8 goes beyond what any air-based HDD can do and seamlessly integrates into virtually any mainstream enterprise environment. Cooler and quieter with industry-leading power efficiency (Watts/TB) and no-compromise performance, the Ultrastar He8 lays the foundation for future growth in massive scale-out environments.

A Sum Greater than Its Parts: Foundational Technologies

By combining two foundational building blocks, HelioSeal and SMR, HGST is able to deliver unprecedented capacity points at an accelerated rate with very low TCO. This platform enables new storage applications for data that is past its create-and-modify phase of life and is in need of efficient, accessible, long term retention.

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