One of our very good clients Rated People Ltd, came to us asking for 3 x E5/LGA2011 workstations asking for mix of server parts and desktop parts. 

They needed a powerful 6 core processor for each system. Intel only offer 2 desktop grand 6 core processors, the i7-4930K and i7-4960X. While the 4960X offers slightly better clock speed, it is considerably more expensive, so the i7-4930K makes for the better option. However note Intel will be releasing their new Haswell-E 2011 (E5v3 aswell) processors in September, so expect more options with Hex core processors.

Intel's LGA2011 range does not include on-board graphics so dedicated graphics will be needed to drive 2 screens for each system. These video cards actually support 3 displays in total, either running three different resolutions or one large resolution across all three screens.



WorkstationThe picture to the right shows the system complete. But don't worry if you think the system is a mess with wires. We do cable tidy our systems, its just we test our systems before cable tidying, just in case we run into and a problem. It saves us having to un done our good cable tidying work.

We can do all sorts of different workstation builds. It really comes down to what our customers want, whether it server grand or desktop grand parts or both. We can build a system that fits your exact needs.

However it is important to note the difference between desktop parts and server parts. Mainly between types of memory both of these parts use. Desktop CPU's use non-ECC unbuffered memory while Xeon Server CPU's use ECC Reggistered memory. ECC bascially standing for "Error Checking & Correction". both types of memory cannot be interchaged between the different CPU's so it's very important that the correct memory is use in the correct enviroment.

check out the video below of some of the builds we have done recently