Tyan 10 GPU

Tyan 10 GPU system in 4U form factor B7119F77V4HR-2T-N

At Server Factory we are one the largest authorised sellers of Tyan in the UK. This Tyan system, we will be looking at today, is able to hold 10 GPU's in just a 4U form factor.

This system has a dual socket motherboard with 24 DIMM slots.

It also has a PCIe board that can support up to 10 full-sized graphics cards and an extra PCIe slot that could be used for any other type of add-on card such as a network adapter.

To power all of those cards, the system comes with 4 sixteen hundred watt redundant power supply units that will ensure no downtime in the event of a power supply failure.

The system also 4 internal 3.5 inch drive-bays, which can also be modified to hold 2.5 inch drives. All the necessary parts are conveniently included in a box that comes with the system.

All 4 bays of these bays also support NVMe drives, for superfast storage.

Another useful thing about this system is that it comes with IPMI, which gives users the ability to update the system’s BIOS, and perform many other functions remotely. This is very useful when the system is physically installed in a data centre.


The motherboard comes with an onboard RAID controller that supports RAID 0, 1, 5 and 10.

There are different variations of this system that support up to 14 hot swappable 2.5 inch SATA drives.

For example the B7119F77V14HR-2T-N has support for up to 14 x 2.5” SATA drives.

And the B7119F77V10E4HR-2T-N has 10 x 2.5” SATA plus 4 x 2.5” NVMe drives.

The applications this system is designed for are vast and include: oil and gas discovery, particle physics, genetic sequencing and general high performance computing.

Customers who order this kind of system primarily include universities, governments and petrochemical companies.  

For more information on this system or to purchase, please contact us by phone or email and we will be glad to further assist you.


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