This is one of Supermicro's well designed server Chassis's, being able to pack in 4 servers into 1 2U Chassis. The chassis basically comprisies of 4 x nodes/sledes which can be slid in and out for the main 2U chassis. Each of these nodes/sledes is a separate system, being capable of installing 2 x Intel Xeon E5-2600V2 family processors, upto 8 x memory DIMM slots to fit a total of 512GB of total memory (1866MHz Max) and 3 x front hotswapable 3.5" drives bays.

These SuperServer's are also very power efficient, with all 4 systems being power through 2 x 1620W Platium Power Suppllies (1 x as a redundant).



Here is one of system nodes removed completely from the chassis ready for integration. Our customer decided to only go for 1 processor per node for this configuration, to save on intial cost. The systems will run perfectly fine with just one processor installed, however note that you can only install half the memory accecation with just one processor installed. So in this case each node can be installed with 512GB of memory (8 x DIMM slots) but as there is only one processor being installed, the supported memory amount goes down to 256GB. This due to half of memory lanes being controller via the second processor. 

6027TR-HTRF 2

The node/system has been fully integrated with the 1 x Intel E5-2620v2 with the appropriate heatsink and 2 x 16GB DDR3 1600MHz memory modules. The system is now ready to returned back into the main chassis for testing.














8 x Western Digital 500GB Black drives are being installed into this system. The chassis supports upto 12 drives in total which equates to 3 hard drives per node/server. 


















The systems have been completed and fully tested. As you can see it has now been re-boxed to be shipped off to our customer aTech Media Limited.